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Why Adopt?

If you are considering getting a pet because it is for good luck, because the puppy in the window looks so darn cute (all puppies/kittens/babies are cute, but they almost never stay like that), all your friends and relatives have one or you think that it will help you get popular with the opposite sex, then you are not ready and at risk of dumping or abandoning your pet. There is a lot more to it than just superficial satisfaction a pet brings you. Here’s a short list of what entails when getting a pet: dedication, attention, responsibility, patience, and a whole lot of time, effort and love (not forgetting money). With the above said; if you do intend to get a pet, choose to adopt instead of buying one. Here are some reasons why:
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Looking to give a little one a forever home? 

Adoptions COMING SOON!

Rescued from Gul after being found with a dislocated spine, Gul Mum was put into The Water Dish's foster care.

Cooky was rescued from a construction site because he incurred injuries to his paw and elbow.

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