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Why You Should Order Early

There are only a few measly kibbles/pellets left in the airtight container. No matter how hard you try to make it into a meal for its dinner, by scraping the container dry, trying to make the kibble dust look like a full kibble and making a din in the kitchen is not going to help matters. Maybe I can substitute with canned food today, you think. But you realise, as you search frantically for the canned food – or hay, if you own a small animal, there isn’t a single can in sight. What’s left of hay looks like dried up weed. The truth finally dawns upon you – your pet is running low on food, teetering on the brinks of starvation. And you forgot to order in time again.  
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Looking to give a little one a forever home? 

Adoptions COMING SOON!

Rescued from Gul after being found with a dislocated spine, Gul Mum was put into The Water Dish's foster care.

Cooky was rescued from a construction site because he incurred injuries to his paw and elbow.

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